IOTA Soccer Team

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IOTA Soccer Team

World First IOTA Soccer Team to promote IOTA. . We need IOTA Fans acknowledgement to boost team morale. We believe #IOTA is bound for glory and Cambrian adoption. Feeless DAG is the way forward and we are doing our bit to spread the message to the world.

IOTA Soccer Team Jerseys

World First IOTA Soccer Team NFT Dropped in Soonaverse


IOTA Soccer NFT Timeline

Feb 2022
Website Launch

New Soccer Team website launches.

Mar 2022
NFT creation by artist

NFT creation by artist and finalizing traits,rarity and fair launch

April 2022
NFT Launch

NFT Launch in Soonaverse*

Nov 2022
IST Token Launch

IST Token Launch in Soonaverse*

Future RoadMap

More Different Rad NFTs like Jersy,Cap to increase fan base ??? Community participation.


What is the name of IOTASoccerTeam NFT?

IOTASoccerTeam OG

How many IOTASoccerTeam NFTs are there?

There will be Only 2,779 IOTASoccerTeam OG NFTs split into different rarities and traits.

How can I purchase a IOTASoccerTeam OG NFT?

IOTASoccerTeam OG NFT is listed in Soonaverse NFT Market place !!.

How much does it cost?

IOTASoccerTeam OG NFTs are only 50 SMR each(intial offering).

How to buy?

Go to Soonaverse and BUY NFT

Free Giveaways?

Giveaways will be given based on certain event announced in twitter,soonaverse etc.So follow and join us both in Soonaverse and Twitter to take part in latest giveaways.

Allotment of Giveaways

All the Free giveaways will be allotted only after first succesful launch of IOTASoccerTeam OG NFT in soonaverse and subjected to feature support enabled for Free GiveAway.

*IOTASoccerTeam facts related to NFT and IST token may change on future. Reason could be the feasiblity and feature support in soonaverse or other marketplace or any other factor.


IOTASoccerTeam Coin

What is IOTASoccerTeam Coin?

IOTASoccerTeam Coin is a meme token which doesnot have utility or purpose. It maynot lead to auto formation of ecosystem of like minded people who will own token and further strengthen the IOTA ecosystem and its proliferation in the world.

Distribution of IOTASoccerTeam Coin

Total token supply (Initial market cap) 1,000,000,000 IST

Airdrop 30% (300,000,000 IST)

Sale 10% (100,000,000 IST)

Treasury 40% (400,000,000 IST)

Creator 20% (200,000,000 IST)

IOTASoccerTeam Token trading has started in Soonaverse
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IOTA Soccer Team